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$ 12.50

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Net Wt. 100 grams (3.53 oz) Net Wt. 100 grams (3.53 oz)
Makes 50-60 cups per box Plant-based protein powder
Free S/H anywhere in the United States Free S/H anywhere in the United States

Your investment to your health and wellness
is only 20 cents per cup for a high-quality,
certified organic Moringa Tea!

Boost your immune system, increase energy and reduce fatigue by adding a teaspoon or so to your rice when steaming, soups, smoothies, power drinks and more!


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When you buy from GreenEarth, a nonprofit organization, EVERY dollar of what you pay for goes towards
the welfare of our farming families. We build homes, run a Learning Center, Feeding Program, Scholarship
Assistance Program and continue the work of reforestation and environmental restoration in the denuded
foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in Northern Philippines (San Miguel, Bulacan).