A Farmer’s Child wins the International School Manila Scholarship

A Farmer’s Child wins the ISM scholarship

Meet Romnick Blanco, a 14-year old son of a rice and vegetable farmer and housewife.

May this photogallery bless you as you get to know his inspiring journey from being a child with humble beginnings at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains to becoming a Filipino scholar at the prestigious International School of Manila.     He is the first farmer’s child who achieved admission into this prestigious educational institution in its 92-year history!  To GOD be the Glory!

Romnick began his classes as a bona fide 8th grade student at ISM on August 6, 2012.

From being a simple farmer’s child  where walking 4 hours round-trip on slopey terrain and across a bridgeless river in order to better his English at GreenEarth Heritage Foundation’s Learning Center was his life’s routine for over a year, there he is now—within the halls of  international education that will hopefully equip him to pursue college and beyond in highly regarded institutions.

Romnick’s success will change the lives of so many rural poor children, and YOU too can be a part of that change. His achievement is a testament that poverty should never be a hindrance towards achieving one’s dreams in life. Now that Romnick is studying in an international school, we at GreenEarth wish to enjoin you to partner with us in providing for all his needs during his 5-year scholarship.   His ISM scholarship only includes tuition and school bus coverage.

Without adequate financial support throughout his 5-year scholarship, it would be very sad to see Romnick left behind during international field trips, sports and other school activities just because he cannot afford, after having landed into international school (with a $25,000/year tuition) as a full scholar. All of these extracurricular activities are what will shape this bright, determined farmer’s child into a confident, well-rounded, globally competitive citizen of the world and prepare him to vie on equal footing for the best First World college education there is. Romnick may even become a future leader of the world! This life is certainly worth investing on.

Will you then be moved to be our staunch partner in providing a bright future to poor children like Romnick?

Whatever form of help you will give, be it big or small, will go a long way in ensuring the success of Romnick’s journey at ISM and in inspiring the lives of other indigent children.

If you would like to contribute to Romnick Blanco’s ISM scholarship fund by making a one-time gift, please click on this link.

If you go to the Ways to Give portion of our website, there is section there on one-time giving.

If you would like to provide him with monthly support, you can also do so by clicking this link.

Please feel free to connect with us anytime with any questions you may have at contactus@greenearthheritage.org.

Thank you very much and may GOD Almighty richly bless you!