EDUCATION is KEY to Community Development

May this photogallery of our Library and Learning Center’s Progress and Development take you on an  in-depth  discovery of the life-transforming  impact of  computers on children’s educational and practical learning.

To truly put an end to poverty in the area, GreenEarth seeks to improve the education of the heirs of its land.

It started a Child Sponsorship Program to provide for the school needs of the children of its farmer beneficiaries and community service volunteers living right on and around GreenEarth’s catchment area. For a modest $12.50 a month provided by child sponsors, the farmers’ children’s school supplies and uniforms are covered.

Before it turned two, GreenEarth took bolder steps in meeting the educational needs of the farmers’ children. It fundraised and realized its vision to build a Library and Learning Center right at the farm, with the plan to seek funding to operate a fully integrated school on-site which will run on nontraditional holistic curriculum similar to home school for all ages levels under one roof.

This is GreenEarth’s solution to end the children’s difficult three-hour round-trip travel by foot on rough roads and across a bridgless river just to reach the nearest school.

The newly established education program on-site is,  first and foremost, working on the basics which is early reading and literacy for all age levels.

May this photogallery of our Library and Learning Center’s Progress and Development take you on an  in-depth  discovery of the life-transforming  impact of  computers on children’s educational and practical learning.

Kids can now draw without a pencil. They learn practical Math through MS Excel.  The  web has brought the world right at the doorstep of our community.

We apply brain-based learning and engage the children through sound, movement, non-traditional techniques and three-dimensional sensorial stimulation. The computer is such an effective magnet, captivating its user to learn more. Its technical and multiple-faceted powers seem better than the chatter of a traditional teacher. For the first time, kids can remember what they are reading and listening to.

Words  have taken on new meanings.  This excites and enthralls.  A mouse for example, is not just a pesky rodent at the farm. It is a gadget that points and guides. A web is not a silky prey catcher but a network of people, places and many sources of information.  A home is not a place to live in, but a main page on the internet.  To enter means to open a link to a whole new world of knowledge, instead of just going into the door of their humble homes. Gates are not just strong, hinged barriers to prevent intruders but the person who has provided access to learning for people around the world.

Our folks’ world  used to be so small. Now, they are able to chat with many people outside their world.   Some of our kids have child sponsors from other countries they can now communicate with.  They even teach their own parents how to use their “new-found toy” at the farm!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the whole world has been brought to our people because of computers even if they cannot cross their river without a bridge!


Preppi School’s Progress on GreenEarth Scholars

What do you do if a child has many years of learning gaps?

A child is 12 years old.  The public school has promoted this student to Grade 5 or 6 and yet, her basic knowledge upon serious assessment following international standards is only Grade 1?

A 14 year old is still at Grade 2 level due to many missed years of good schooling.

These are the scenarios we face with many of the Children of GreenEarth.

Our partner Preppi School Foundation believes in miracles and technology. It considers each child a “miracle in the making.” Despite the low educational performance and tremendous learning gaps that need to be filled, Preppi School did the non-traditional path of awarding 10 GreenEarth children a full scholarship in their school not based on academic merit or awesome attitudinal proficiencies but out of magnanimity.

Both GreenEarth and Preppi School believe in the equal opportunity and the right of every child for a quality education.

This school year 2012-13, both organizations have ambitiously embarked on its first full scholarship program for the benefit of GreenEarth students. Inspite of the initial usual scholarship funding needed, GreenEarth and Preppi School’s Partners have rallied to support these indigent scholars. From school things, uniforms and even Sports instructions from professional sports instructors, kind donors and organizations are coming together to help our children.

These scholars are being prepared to visit their GreenEarth beloved community to be  little teachers during their holiday breaks and share what they know to other children.    They are happily housed in the Preppi School Premises during school days. Even though they miss their family, technology has been kind to help them connect with them frequently. Truly, touching lives through technology.

With progressive techniques and the aid of technology, we are actually generating significant headway into the practical improvement of the children’s holistic development. The Department of Education in the Philippines admittedly claims that they do not have enough data for research studies for such kids. They are interested in the achievements that we do and are very supportive of our educational aims. The best practices training and applications of Preppi School are enabling our children to reach their grade-appropriate level. The Department of Education is even curious to learn how educators can fill in the learning gaps over the quickest possible time. Preppi School’s work with the GreenEarth children is a study under observation.

GreenEarth in partnership with Preppi School is pioneering a progressive educational system to address the serious needs of underserved rural children who missed many years of quality education. A tried and tested and progressive approach is being applied towards the establishment of a  firmer foundation and accelerate delayed children to their appropriate level.

A U.S. based certified nutritionist is working in investigating  how nutrition can boost the ailing memory of the children. All have been malnourished.