Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program Partners with GreenEarth

Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program partners with GreenEarth

Thanks to the support provided by the Australian Embassy to GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, Inc. (GEHFI), our poor rural farmers will be given access to green farming technology.

According to Australia’s Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Bill Tweddell, his Embassy’s support will make a difference: “Through this modest assistance, we aim to help the farming households in Bulacan attain a measure of economic empowerment. The longer term objective is self-sufficiency for these rural families.”

The GEHFI project promotes the use of micro water sprinklers and drip irrigation systems for optimum water utilisation. The system not only avoids water wastage but also reduces nutrient loss and leaching of organic fertilizer. This makes it possible for GEHFI’s farmer-partners to achieve increased yields of high-value, organically grown crops.

In photo with Ambassador Bill Tweddell are the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) Secretary Tammie Dawes (far left), GEHFI’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees James Matti (centre), GEHFI’s Resource Mobilization and Communications Officer Arthur Demain and the Australian Embassy’s DAP Resource Officer, Doris Avila (far right).

The Embassy’s Direct Aid Program supports small-scale developmental projects that directly contribute to the welfare and income-generating capacity of disadvantaged groups in the Philippines. It also assists projects that enhance the long-term productivity and sustainability of the physical environment. For information on how to apply for DAP funding, contact the DAP Resource Officer at (02) 757 8262.