The Lives We Touch

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is a Christian developmental, humanitarian and advocacy organization dedicated to honoring God by being good stewards of the world that He has given us through the implementation of sound and sustainable agricultural practices that promote good health.

Aside from agriculture as a source of food supply and livelihood, we deeply care about and uphold the dreams of every hard-working human being to be able to own a home, live in dignity and be able to educate their children. In this connection, we will not only concern ourselves with Greening the Earth, but also with vital community building guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Albert was 21 years old, married with 2 children when we first met him in 2009.A few years ago, Albert wandered around with his young family and decided to settle on the foundation’s land without any legal rights or permission from the private landowner before it was donated by the owner to GreenEarth. He earned his livelihood by cutting the trees on the foundation’s forest. Now, he is part of a sustainable endeavor through GreenEarth to reforest the denuded land and plant thousands of trees this year.


This elderly couple in their seventies migrated to the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain in San Miguel Bulacan over 7 years ago in search of a better life.

They are homeless, landless and have 11 children. They were hired by a private landowner to serve as caretakers of their land. Unfortunately, for 5 years they were given no salary . They sustained themselves through planting root crops and vegetables around their shack with occasional subsidy from their older children who were either small-scale farmers or illegal loggers.

When they heard about GreenEarth, they came to the foundation and asked if they could be helped. They applied for housing and to join its livelihood programs in organic agriculture.

We accepted them, and to our amazement, despite being the oldest couple in our livelihood program, they became the top producers in organic farming! We are in awe of their energy and diligence.


Aldrin was found at the top of the hill on GreenEarth’s land with his family. At first, he was avoiding the GreenEarth team and refused to answer their questions. Later on, he confessed that he was only a hired hand of someone whom he was told “owned” the land but who was discovered to belong to a land grabbing syndicate. He worked for this person for years, planting mango trees for an owner who never introduced himself. He received his meager pay monthly through a go-between. He was paid way below government-mandated minimum wage for agricultural workers and unnecessarily worked 7 days a week.

Because of GreenEarth, Aldrin and his family can now hold their heads up high and no longer need to hide. He has joined our livelihood programs in organic agriculture at the farm and his 5 children are benefitting from our Child Sponsorship program as well as on-site Literacy program.

He is hopeful that because of GreenEarth, his 5 children will have a very good chance to get into higher education, build a decent home and reap more benefits in the years to come.