IMC Kavino Lau supports GreenEarth

GreenEarth’s aim to provide only the freshest, highest-quality organically grown produce is being appreciated by a growing number of enthusiasts.

Highly acclaimed International Master Chef (IMC) Kavino Lau wholeheartedly decided to join the bandwagon.

Chef Kavino Lau, a Hongkong Chinese national, has won several international awards . In 2004, he joined the 5th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine held in Guangzhou, China, and won a silver medal in the Hot Dish Category. In 2008, he was awarded a Certificate of International Master Chef for Chinese Cuisine by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine. In 2008, he won the Gold Medal in the Hot Dish Category at the 6th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine held in Beijing, China.

Chef Lau has over 8 years of cooking experience here in Manila. His position as one of the most acclaimed chefs in the Philippines has been further solidified when he recently opened IMC Kavino, a Chinese fusion restaurant located on Jupiter St., Makati. With the restaurant’s extensive array of innovative Asian fusion dishes, Chef Lau only promises to serve food that will please even those customers with the most discriminating taste.

Chef Lau was delighted when he found out about GreenEarth’s mission. After personally tasting the vegetables himself, he did not hesitate to immediately order and try out GreenEarth’s produce for his popular menu offerings.

In his own words, the vegetables are “very crunchy, clean, and are truly high-quality.”Unsurprisingly, the customers of IMC Kavino also joined him in attesting to the freshness and amazing taste of GreenEarth’s organic vegetables.

On behalf of the farmers of GreenEarth, we are deeply grateful to Chef Lau’s heartwarming support of our organic produce. Despite the challenges we face daily, his kind endorsement further motivates us to always stay true to our commitment of producing only the healthiest, most delicious-tasting organic produce.

IMC Kavino Restaurant
136 Jupiter Place, Makati City
Call for reservations: 899-7808