Tourne Restaurant features GreenEarth’s healthy organic produce



GreenEarth Heritage Foundation’s fresh organic produce is now featured at the cutting edge locavore culinary bastion, Tourné Restaurant.

From August 16 to 31 2011, Tourné by Chef Sandralyn Hataway will showcase GreenEarth’s varied sustainably farmed vegetables such as eggplant, sweet potato sprouts (talbos ng kamote), basil, etc. to complement its modern cuisine highlighting farm fresh Philippine local produce.

The Cordon Bléu -trained Sandra Hataway, an active member and advocate of the Slow Food Movement, promises to serve you deliciously fresh good food on a daily basis (even her ketchup is home-made).

At a recent lunch, we were amazed by the combination of distinct organic flavors combined to create heart- healthy and savory dishes, ranging from comfort food to gourmet entreés, all using top-notch Philippine sourced organic ingredients . These include the renowned cheeses from Davao’s Malagos farm and organic sweet pineapples from Ormoc, Leyte.

In essence, Tourné by Chef Sandralyn Hataway is to Manila what Alice Waters’ Chez Panissé is to the San Francisco-Bay Area and the Barack and Michelle Obama favorite, Blue Hill is to New York City.

Tourne is presently looking for a new restaurant location, so please stay tuned!

We hope to see you all at Tourné!